“Holy Toledo!” and Other Euphemisms

Holy Week got off to a bad start on Shrove Tuesday with the local Saint Rose church getting smitten (photo sequence from the Toledo Blade newspaper):

This is the second big lightning strike for the Toledo area: in 1980 the beautiful St. Patricks cathedral (visible from the I75 higway) suffered similarly.  That cross was eventually replaced just 5 years ago thanks to a generous donation. I have a photo somewhere in my archives but have yet to find it.

Think what you will about the financial impact on everyone of the tax-exempt status of the churches and donations to them, they very obviously do take the hit for our surrounding lower height houses when we get those not-infrequent crackling thunderstorms, for which I for one am very grateful.

On Good Friday we euphemistically celebrated “Spring Break” from office work. As I worked physically very hard all day (while listening to Bach’s St. Mathew Passion – The world’s religions certainly have some of its very best music) thinning my jungle for the once a year brush pick-up, I contemplated the Spring holiday for hopefully everyone:

The magic of Spring growth in the gardens with the longer days now that the Equinox is behind us, must have been celebrated from time immemorial by most inhabitants of earth .

For some college kids “Spring Break” is obviously huge judging by not infrequent Florida damage photos in the papers.

The Jewish and Christian Abrahamics have Passover and Easter, but the Muslims, who I’m told respect Jesus, did not, and do not, observe the Resurrection, miss this one despite their similar Abrahamic origins.

Most importantly, the heartache and suffering of the new “Arab Spring” must be respected by all – I hope everyone can do their individual parts to help resolve the issues for betterment of all humanity.

Back home my little millimeter-sized springers in their euphemistically named “Worm Tea” (‘tea’ rhymes with ‘pea’) pool in the bottom tray of my worm farm/composter are performing their water walking or tea-tapping miracle:

The video link above hopefully shows their amazing motion as they run across the liquid with no indication whatsoever that is not totally solid. It’s all a matter of scale.
I used to tell my kids they could do the same at the swimming pool if they only ran fast enough. Some did get at least 3 steps before sinking. I would love a movie of those valiant efforts.