Aya Cracks Cadbury Crunchie Code

Happy that Detroit de-ices the plane, no matter how much the delay.

The glass ocean behind the Bill Reid canoe glistens in the winter sunlight at Vancouver:

The trouble with food photos is I eat it as fast as I shoot it. What would BC be without Nanaimo Bars?

And then Aya, with some Baja Vanilla, did even better than my favorite Cadbury’s Crunchie bar:

Sad to leave unskied snow in the distance on Cypress Mountain but friends were waiting in Toledo.

Tess thought the best item in the Ann Arbor Art Museum was the padded bench for artistic posing.

Now the poor bees only get 20 minutes of winter solstice sun on a clear day when a shaft of light slips  between two houses. But if you put your ear to the hive and tap, they do buzz so they are still in there huddling into a ball for warmth.
Sorry the telephoto shots on the Android cell phone are so fuzzy. The macro photos seem fine. Anybody got any clues?

Airport Art

So many people with so much time to spare, at least while awaiting their planes, gives airports an unrivaled audience. I think Calgary started it with exquisite native artifacts.  Some of my favorite NA airport art today follows:

This huge bronze Haida canoe, speaking to all travelers (especially those tall people squeezed into ever smaller seats on ever longer flights), catches my imagination every time I pass  through Vancouver.

More sailors are in Amsterdam’s excellent small sampling of their Reijksmuseum (sp?) where I found these youngsters.

A little South, in Seattle, the suspended flocks of birds is an oft repeated idea (Remember large flock of geese in the Eaton Center, Toronto 35 years ago? Was that the first?) which I’ve yet to see done to perfection.

Seattle  has other excellent pieces, some a little hidden

Last week, in Philadelphia, these ornate shoes by Sharon Taffet  raised the spirits of jaded travelers delayed by fog and bad weather from off-shore tropical storm “Sean”.

And in Minneapolis there is a great dynamic image of an insurance company’s umbrella which shatters into myriad small umbrellas as you walk by, and then reassembles. A good future project to photograph and link to YouTube – Any volunteers going to MN soon?

Away from the airport, in a New Jersey glass fabrication shop, I stumbled on this just approved mock-up section for the 185 ft. tall facade of the base of the nearly completed (2013 est.) World Trade Center tower, NYC, replacing those so sadly lost on 9-11.  Interesting to see this grey evening image and try to imagine how dramatic it will surely appear when installed with lights, etc.  Architects must have great imagination.