Africa, from the Air

Flying south from Europe over the French Riviera one could see the white wakes of many motor boats buzzing aimlessly around at Nice. Half an hour later the beaches of Algeria were equally golden, but empty. Then for 3 hours, without a touch of green, the Sahara was lifeless. A few pathetic clouds after 2 hours were just empty promises.Finally a few circle spots of irrigated vegetation showed life.

Hours more before natural green showed by cultivated land alongside iron oxide red rivers. Then somewhere near the center of the continent the jungle grew denser and finally crowded out all traces of humanity. It appeared as empty of people, though richly green, as the middle of the tan colored Sahara.

Meanwhile, down south, a big wind raised the waves
in Duban. Next day, with no wind, surf was up:

Furry Food Felons

Tomato, as found one morning on the balcony railing. Something plucked it from the nearby potted plant, took it up there to eat and then couldn’t finish it.

 raspberries (I have a photo of a deer actually eating them), apples,
trillium: this great seed pod, where in the spring there was a flower, disapeared, without trace, overnight last week
But not my honey please
 Two of these shiney blue flies could smell the nearly 100 pounds of honey and tried for half an hour to get near but the vigilant bees snapped at them, scaring them off whenever they were too close:

Suspected felons are: deer, rabbit, squirrel, groundhog, chipmunk and mouse. Photos to follow.