Home at last

Nice to be peacefully back from the other side of the world.

Police checkpoints on major Kualar Lumpur seemed to tone down what was setting up to be a nasty election reform rally. Color yellow was outlawed – I wore my ‘I surrender’ white Tee shirt. On the previous day I’d test worn my nice presentation orange MSG shirt without problems.

Bees needed more space -they’re breeding like flies. I gave them a new box with 8 frames of flat wax sheet. By next evening all frames have at ieast 3 mm of drawn out new hexagonal cells.

Next morning they’re still saying they need more.

3 thoughts on “Home at last

  1. Sure glad that Sea had returned  home safe  after the first massive “yellow – clean” street march ! What a memorable day that was for us all! One Malaysia One World!
    The 3 e’s of life taught by C: this, we will always remember.

  2. Enjoyed your reports from SE Asia! I had a Singapore Sling at the Raffles myself, long time ago, 1980, I think. It was rather run down then, in a romantic way, un-airconditioned, mildewy and overgrown. Seemed quite possible a cobra would crawl under the long bar, as famously described by someone of legend, Maugham probably.

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