5 Felines Faceoff For Thanksgiving

Queen AliceNewton

Prince Pinot

Olivia & John brought their 2 extremely well behaved cats. Bossy Queen Alice fled to the basement to tell timid Hermes. Prince Pinot was left to defend the palace. Newton’s evil eye above is only a flash reflection. If I half press the shutter and wait a second the green eye goes away, but so do the cats.

Nutmeg behaved perfectly – watching everything.

After 3 days Alice finally took over & cornered Newton & Nutmeg under the bed just in time for us to pull them out and carry them to the car for the 10 hour drive home to NYC. Looks like one at least has a seat belt.

Once they were gone, Hermes who has lived shyly in the basement for months, decided to come upstairs and see what really happens at 341.

Later:  In La Guardia,  while awaiting my flight to Abu Dhabi, I hear that Alice & Pinot are exhausted too.