Shanghai, Oahu

Looking north from my hotel window last week there was a beautiful and ancient gilt wooden temple, with a thriving market and park on the ground floor.

In front of it, runs a busy east-west elevated expressway, with the iconic Pudong TV tower on its tripod legs is just visible in the distance.

Suddenly I saw the eastbound traffic stopped by one man stading in the middle of the 3 lane highway.  All I could think of was Tienenman Man who famously stood in front of the tanks with his shopping bags – and stopped them, years ago.

I looked away as I tried to get a better photo out the small opening of my window. Looking back – he was gone. Had I seen history repeat itself? No alas, zooming in on the picture above I could see the white cap and blue shirt of one extremely brave policeman who ‘manually’ stopped the traffic; probably to allow some vips to enter undisturbed by the adjacent on-ramp.

Return home via Oahu

The traffic of surfboards (about 70) and stand-up paddle boards (about 100) in Waikiki, on the free day magically created by crossing the dateline coming home eastward, was nearly as frantic, especially when the outrigger canoes with 2 giant Haiwaians and 6 tourists aboard catch a wave and hurtle through the mass of surfers. (no photos – sorry). Meanwhile, around the corner at Diamond Head it was 8 feet and curling. You can just see one of many surfers at the edge of a right breaking wave.